In South Australia a formal ASD diagnosis requires 2 clinicians to assess and diagnose.  The clinicians can be either a speech pathologist, psychologist, psychiatrist or a paediatrician. Adelaide Speech Pathology Services is able to provide the speech pathology assessment / diagnosis part of this process.    The assessment process generally involves two appointments.

The initial meeting (90 minutes) is with the parent / caregiver. The child is not required to attend this appointment.  This session involves a comprehensive interview gathering background information including:

  • The child’s developmental history
  • Information on the child’s current behaviours
  • Child’s strengths and difficulties in areas of social communication

The second appointment is a 45 minute assessment session with the child. Depending on the age this is a play / activity based assessment or a conversation based assessment with the child.

Occasionally a school / child care visit is required as part of this assessment process.  

A comprehensive report will be provided within 3 weeks of the assessment session.