Dyslexia assessment for your child: what does it involve?

The following is a brief summary of the general assessment process undertaken at our clinic. Please note that this is only a guide and your child's individual needs may be different!


An initial consultation

The first meeting with the speech & language pathologist will involve taking a detailed history of your child's development. It's important to consider factors that may have impacted on your child's progress in their communication and / or literacy development.


Assessment session(S)

The next step is to use appropriate assessment tools to gather the data necessary to gain an understanding of your child’s strengths and areas of difficulty. This information will assist in determining the best course of action and the type of therapy that will be of most benefit. Speech & language pathologists are scientific in their approach to planning the best course of treatment, meaning that they will only recommend evidence-based intervention for your child. Depending on your child's needs, the assessment session may need to be done over multiple sessions.


Feedback session

In this meeting the speech & language pathologist will provide you with feedback from the assessment process that your child has undertaken.  They will discuss recommendations, and the best course of treatment.



A report detailing the assessment, diagnosis and recommendations can be provided upon request.  This will be discussed with your speech & language pathologist.