Our fees

Speech pathology services in Australia are covered by private health insurance extras. Health Insurance policies vary and we suggest that you check with your insurer to determine the rebate you may be entitled to claim. Please note that sessions are usually 30-45 minutes long and that speech pathology services are GST exempt. 

Please advise us 24 hours in advance if you cannot make an appointment. This gives us an opportunity to offer the appointment time to someone else. The demand for appointments at our clinic is high, so in order to retain our competitive consultation rates, a non-attendance fee will be charged should you fail to attend a scheduled appointment without giving 24 hours notice.

Our current consultation session fees (as of 1st July 2017) are as follows:



15 - 30 minutes           $90

30 - 45 minutes           $125

45 - 60 minutes           $160


Initial Consultation

15 - 30 minutes           $100

30 - 45 minutes           $150


Assessment / Review

15 - 30 minutes           $125

30 - 45 minutes           $200

45 - 60 minutes           $250 

(Please note: NDIS clients are charged a different rate as set by the NDIA)


Explanation of consultation types and rates

In order to clarify what is involved in each session type, please take a moment to read the summary below. Note that this is not an exhaustive list of all of the events that may occur in each session type, and is intended as a guide only. 


Initial consultation session

During this session a detailed case history (background information) is recorded and options regarding a course of action are discussed, including an explanation of recommended assessment procedures if appropriate. The initial consultation is charged at a higher fee due to the extra time involved in collating and documenting information following the initial consultation. The initial consultation will only be charged once (i.e. should more than one session be required to gather background information, the second session will be charged at the same rate as a treatment session).


Assessment session

During this type of session any assessment procedures required in order to determine the nature and extent of the communication disorder, or to determine progress or change over time are administered and the results, implications, and subsequent therapy goals are discussed. The assessment is usually documented in a formal report that summarises the assessment methods used, the results of the assessment, as well as recommendations (if any) for ongoing treatment. The assessment session is charged at a higher rate due to the extra time involved in collating and documenting information collected during the initial assessment, as well as the costs involved in using formal assessment tools. 


Treatment session

During this type of session areas of weakness identified in the initial consultation and assessment sessions are specifically targeted in exercises designed to strengthen these areas. The client's progress may be monitored and discussed. Recommendations are made regarding methods of strengthening the areas of weakness identified during the initial consultation and assessment and activities / exercises for home practice may be given.


School or kindergarten visit (price available upon request)

A school or kindergarten visit involves discussing the assessment results and / or progress of a child with relevant school or kindergarten staff (eg. Class teacher, special services officer, special education teacher, school principal etc.). Information regarding the child's progress at school or kindergarten is collected and incorporated into the therapy goals if appropriate. Implications of assessment results and their relationship to support at school or kindergarten are discussed, and suggestions for the classroom or kindergarten staff will be provided if necessary. The school or kindergarten visits are charged at a higher rate due to the time and costs involved in travelling to and from such meetings. Meetings with school or kindergarten staff may also be conducted at the clinic, in which case the meeting will be charged at the same rate as a treatment session.


If you have any questions regarding our fee structure, please contact us!