ReadingDoctor Software:  

ReadingDoctor® Software provide a range of highly effective, specialist made, research based literacy improvement apps for children learning to read. ReadingDoctor® Software is designed by speech & language pathologist and reading researcher Dr. Bartek Rajkowski, PhD.  It is being described by educators as a breakthrough in literacy instruction.



Decodable Readers Australia have series of learn to read books, that are designed to be matched to a child’s developing knowledge of phonics. There are 120 books in total. Covering 8 levels of guided reading, they incorporate beautifully illustrated stories, with Australian animal characters. They are available in classroom sets and “Big Books” for shared classroom Reading. The first 4 levels of books are also available in the app store.


The Fitzroy Readers are Australian made, systematic phonics readers for children. There are 70 books in total. The books are ordered according to difficulty. The first books start with easy to decode words like 'cat' and 'mat', through to words like 'appreciative' and 'consciousness' in the final story.

The readers are also available as apps. Just search for 'Fitzroy Readers' in the app store.


Dandelion Readers

The Dandelion Readers are high quality first phonics reading books and workbooks. 


Outside the Square

Outside the Square is a documentary film series about children with Dyslexia and how they should be supported in schools.  The film includes expertise from a variety of leading academics and researchers, including: Dr Lorraine Hammond, Mandy Nayton, Distinguished Professor Anne Castles, Associate Professor Genevieve McArthur & Dr Jennifer Buckingham.  A valuable resource for parents, teachers and school leaders.