Since 2001, Adelaide Speech Pathology Services has strived to help children & adults with spoken & written communication difficulties to reach their potential.


Our experienced, passionate team of speech & language pathologists provide services in a friendly, comfortable and relaxed environment. We assess, diagnose and treat individuals of all ages with a variety of communication issues including literacy, speech and language difficulties. Our clinicians have a particular interest in research-based remediation of reading difficulties such as dyslexia and reading comprehension difficulties in addition to providing expert help for speech and spoken language difficulties. Our clinic is conveniently located opposite the Wayville Showgrounds in Wayville, Adelaide, South Australia. Please get in touch with us if you would like to book an appointment or discuss how one of our speech & language pathologists may be able to help you or your child!


Language skills allow a person to understand others and express themselves. 

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Reading & Writing

Reading and spelling skills are crucial for successful functioning in our modern society. 

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Speech, or articulation, is the ability to produce speech sounds required for communication. 

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We can help you or your child by assessing, diagnosing and treating a variety of communication issues, including:


  • Reading and writing difficulties such as dyslexia and reading comprehension difficulties    

  • Articulation / speech difficulties such as developmental delays in speech development and speech disorders such as dyspraxia

  • Language difficulties such as developmental delays in language development and language disorders

  • Modifying accent and improving English language skills for people for  whom English is not their first language

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