Our consultants


Dr Bartek Rajkowski

B App Sc (Sp Path), PhD, MSPA, CPSP

Speech and Language Pathologist


Bartek is the director of Adelaide Speech Pathology Services. He has extensive experience in the research-based assessment, identification and remediation of reading and spelling difficulties in children, adolescents and adults.

Bartek regularly presents training and development workshops on the latest in reading research and reading difficulties to teachers, allied professionals and parents around Australia.

Bartek's primary interest is in the relationship between speech, language, auditory processing and literacy skills. His doctoral research was an investigation of the underlying processing difficulties in children with Dyslexia and in children with Auditory Processing Disorder (APD). Bartek has developed a model of phonological representations - the brain's representations of the sounds of language - which may help to explain the range of skill deficits found in children with literacy difficulties.

Bartek is also passionate about research driven, computer based approaches to literacy and language remediation. He is determined to use his clinical experience and theoretical knowledge to develop more effective treatment methods for children with literacy difficulties, and to develop more effective teaching tools for children learning to read. He is the creator of ReadingDoctor® Software (www.readingdoctor.com.au), a scientifically based, specialist literacy improvement software package designed to strengthen crucial literacy skills in children learning to read. 



B App Sc (Sp Path), PhD, MSPA, CPSP

Speech and Language Pathologist


Stephanie primarily sees school-aged children and their families for the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of speech, language and literacy difficulties.  Stephanie also has a special interest in accent modification for non-native English speakers. Stephanie has a completed her PhD on children who have reading and/or auditory processing difficulties. 

Stephanie initially worked as a speech pathologist for the Department of Education and Children’s Services in Port Pirie and Adelaide for 7 years, during which she was the speech - language pathologist for the Language Support Class for 3 years. Stephanie developed the screening tool known as the Screen of Phonological Awareness (SPA). The SPA is now widely used in schools around Australia to detect children at risk of literacy failure.

Stephanie commenced private practice in 1995. She worked as a speech pathologist at Westminster School and was co-president of the SA Branch of Speech Pathology Australia in 2004. She then relocated to Brisbane for 4 years, working in Catholic schools, in private practice and serving on the management committee of SPELD-QLD while studying for her PhD.  She returned to Adelaide in January 2009 and submitted her PhD in March 2010. Her PhD topic focused on reading development in students with diagnosed auditory processing disorder (APD). Stephanie describes herself as a ‘progress-junkie’ and finds nothing so satisfying as facilitating successful outcomes for her clients.


Rose Zanol


Speech and Language Pathologist


Rose has professional and personal experience that gives her great enthusiasm and drive. She brings a vast life experience to her role in the clinic which includes many years of experience in nursing. She is very passionate about her career.

Her empathy for individuals with speech, language and literacy difficulties is born out of a personal relationship with close family members, including her children, experiencing one or more of these concerns.

Rose obtained her Master of Speech Pathology degree from Flinders University.  Her goal of gaining skills to work with children and adolescents to support them reach their potential, despite language and learning difficulties, is being fulfilled at Adelaide Speech Pathology Services. 

Rose has also filled a variety of jobs in the education sector, both public and private, working with children and students from reception to year 12.  This makes her an ideal practitioner to work with children as she has a sound understanding of the context in which formal learning takes place.  As a member of Speech Pathology Australia, Rose is dedicated to providing the best fit evidence based practice possible in her work with clients.



BSpPath, MTeach(Primary), MSPA, CPSP

Speech and Language Pathologist


Alicia completed a Bachelor of Speech Pathology at Flinders University in 2001. She has worked with both children and adults across a variety of settings. Alicia has completed a Masters of Teaching and has a thorough understanding of the language and literacy needs of students of different ages. 

Alicia has personal experience of supporting a child with communication difficulties and this has fostered her passion to support children and their families. Alicia uses a client-centred approach to intervention. She works in partnership with children and their families to meet each child’s unique needs and build their capacity to communicate effectively.