Tafe and University Students

Tafe and university study can be very challenging for students with a learning difficulty.  Adelaide Speech Pathology Services can provide both assessment and ongoing support.


We can provide a comprehensive assessment and report for students at Tafe and University. Students with learning difficulties such as Dyslexia, may be able to access additional support and allowances in the tertiary education system.  Many institutions require an external assessment prior to issuing allowances for a person with a learning difficulty. These allowances for learning difficulties vary, but may include modified or alternative assessments and/or access to assistive technology in their study.  


Our clinicians are experienced in providing ongoing assistance to  students engaged in tertiary education. We help such students by strengthening communicative skills and identifying assistive technologies which can help the student to succeed in their learning. We work with the student to identify where the barriers to learning lie, and we target intervention to address the particular areas identified.