For adolescents and young adults

The team at Adelaide Speech Pathology Services is passionate about helping adolescents and young adults reach their potential. Many students find high school or TAFE/university very difficult due to learning difficulties.

We help such students by strengthening communicative skills and identifying assistive technologies which can help the student to succeed in their learning. We work with the student to identify where the barriers to learning lie, and we target intervention to address the particular areas identified.

We work with students who find it difficult to navigate the oral and written language used in higher level schooling. We can help with reading and spelling difficulties by improving the underlying skills that are crucial in establishing strong literacy skills. Reading difficulties are frequently associated with subtle language difficulties. Such difficulties have an impact on the learning of subject specific words and the ability to comprehend information. We work to improve the underlying language skills of students so that they are better able to cope with the language demands of study. Researching, note taking and study skills are also areas we can assist with. Finally, various assistive technologies exist to help students. These need to be matched to student needs and are used in therapy sessions to model their use and promote independence in learning.

Students may have had experience of help that does not meet their needs. Students sometimes give up but the right assistance can potentially re-ignite their ability to learn, even leading to enjoyment of the process!

If you would like further information regarding how our clinicians can help you or your adolescent/yound adult, please contact us to make an appointment.